Career Management

Whether you’re an amateur, pro-debut or UFC veteran, we help you along the way. Guiding your career and ensuring that as a team, we are making the best decisions to help you achieve your goals.

Contract Negotiation

We provide an extensive, detailed oriented negotiation on behalf of clients. We work to ensure our client’s contract reflects their ability and value to their organization. Ruby Sports & Entertainment builds and leverages existing relationships with every global and regional fight promotion throughout the world.

Financial Mangement

Whether it’s standard income taxes or building a business around your own brand, we work with financial professionals to ensure that all of your financial needs are met and your money is working for you.

Sponsorships & Endorsements

RubySE helps secure both monetary and non-monetary sponsorships for all of our athletes no matter what organization they fight for. Please visit our Partners page for more information on our sponsors.

Social Media and Brand Building

RubySE helps guide athletes on social media do’s and don’t’s as well as helping to build their brand to a level that they can start to profit from different endorsements.